Kathy Boast's Photography is all about "Aloha."

Aloha is not just in Hawaii, it can be where ever you are, you just have to feel it with your heart. The people I met in Hawaii have taught me the true meaning of ALOHA. It's a spirit that lives in each of us. When you find it, you will want to share it with everyone you meet.

For me, when I saw the beauty of Hawaii, I wanted to capture it for the world to see. My hope is to capture the magic in something on film and share it with you via this website. I photograph scenic Hawaii & Hawaiian musical artists and a island-themed weddings!

If I can help inspire one person to make a difference, then I have achieved my goal.


Experienced Photographer

"Before moving to Hawaii, I photographed over 300 weddings in Charleston, SC."

My photos have also appeared on CD covers and in Aloha Joe Magazine.

Almost ParadiseKalapana

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Producer on Aloha Joe TV

Aloha Joe Currently, I am also the Island-based producer of Aloha Joe TV. We shoot various interviews with Hawaiian musical artists, concert events as well as many scenic montages of island life. These are found on both Aloha Joe TV and Aloha Joe's Youtube Channel.

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